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Rounding Numbers in Excel

The Excel 2007 ROUND Function


Rounding Decimals with the Excel ROUND Function

Rounding Decimals with the Excel ROUND Function

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Rounding a number means altering it to a specific size. Rounding integers (whole numbers) involves rounding them up or down to the nearest multiple of 10, while rounding decimals reduces them to a set number of decimal places.

The ROUND function in Excel can be used when rounding integers and decimal numbers to make them easier to work with in your spreadsheets.

The syntax for the ROUND function is:

=ROUND( Number, Num_digits )

Number = the number to be rounded - it can also be a formula or a cell reference to a number or formula.

Num_digits = the number of digits or the number of decimal places that the number is to be rounded to.

Rounding Decimals Example in Excel 2007:

Note: For help with this example, see the image to the right.

  1. Click on cell E1.

  2. Click on the Formulas tab.

  3. Click on the Math & Trig option on the ribbon to open the Function drop down list.

  4. Scroll down through the list and click on the ROUND option to bring up the Function Arguments dialog box.

  5. Type 356.6789054 in line one of the dialog box.

  6. Type a 3 in line two of the dialog box.

  7. Click OK.

  8. The number 356.679 should appear in cell E1.

  9. Click on cell E1 and you should see the function
    =ROUND( 356.6789054, 3 ) in the formula bar.

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