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Excel 2003 Tutorials

Excel 2003 tutorials on how to get started with Excel formulas, functions and more. Thesetutorials include step by step examples of how to use Excel 2003.
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Parts of the Excel 2003 Screen
This labeled article identifies the main parts of the Excel 2003 spreadsheet work area. There are links from each label to glossary items describing each part in greater detail.

Basic Excel 2003 Spreadsheet Tutorial
This tutorial covers the steps to creating a basic spreadsheet in Excel 2003. Steps include, entering data, creating formulas, copying formulas with the fill handle, using the date function, and formatting the spreadsheet.

Excel Printing
This tutorial on Excel 2003 Printing covers how to use the print options in Excel to print entire spreadsheets or just selected areas.

Excel 2003 Data Entry Form
This article covers how to use a data entry form to add data to a database in Excel 2003. A step by step example of how to create and use a data entry form is included in the article.

Excel 2003 Database Tutorial
This tutorial covers how to create a database in Excel 2003 and how to use the built in database tools such as sort and filter.

Create a Pictograph in Excel 2003
This tutorial covers creating a pictograph / pictogram in Microsoft Excel 2003.

Freeze Panes in Excel 2003
Excel's freeze panes feature keeps headings across the top and down the left side of the sheet from disappearing when you scroll. This tutorial shows you how to "freeze" those sections of the screen containing titles so that they remain visible at all times.

Excel 2003 AutoSum
The AutoSum feature, a shortcut to using Excel's SUM function, provides a quick way to add up columns or rows of figures in a spreadsheet.

Excel Formatting Options
This Series of Tutorials and Articles takes you through the basics of using Excel's formatting features to improve the look and effectiveness of your spreadsheets.

Excel 2003 Bar Graph Tutorial
This tutorial covers using the Chart Wizard in Excel to create a bar graph. It guides you through using the most common features of the Chart Wizard.

Data for Step by Step Chart Wizard Tutorial
Sample data to accompany the step by step tutorial on using the Chart Wizard in Excel. Use this sample data to follow the steps in the Chart Wizard tutorial.

Excel IF Function
Excel's IF function can be used to determine if a specified condition is true or false. The function will return different data depending on the answer.

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