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Excel Printing


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Excel Page Setup Dialog Box – Sheet Tab Settings
Excel Page Setup Dialog Box – Sheet Tab

Excel Page Setup Dialog Box – Sheet Tab

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Using the Page Setup Dialog Box (con't)

The Sheet Tab of the Page Setup Dialog Box has four areas of printing options.

  1. Print Area – Select a range of cells on the spreadsheet to print. Very useful if you are interested only in printing a small section of the worksheet.

  2. Print Titles – Used for printing certain rows and columns on every page - usually headings or titles.

  3. Print- The most commonly used options are -
    • Draft quality – Prints a quick, low quality draft copy.

    • Gridlines – For printing the worksheet gridlines – making it easier to read data on larger worksheets.

    • Row and column headings – Prints the row numbers and the column letters down the side and across the top of a each worksheet.

  4. Page order – Changes the order for printing pages on a multiple page spreadsheet. Normally Excel prints down the worksheet. If you change the option, it will print across.

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