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Entering Data in Excel


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Types of Data in Excel

Types of data in Excel

Generally speaking, data type refers to the characteristics of the information stored in a worksheet cell.

For the purposes of this introductory tutorial we will focus on two main types of data in Excel:

  • Text
  • Numbers

Text data is most often words that are used for worksheet headings, names, and for identifying columns of data.

Text data can contain letters numbers, and specialty characters such as ! or &. By default, text data is left aligned in a cell.

Numbers can be used in calculations. By default, numbers are right aligned in a cell.

In addition to actual numbers - such as 10, 20, 30, 40 - Excel also stores dates and times as numbers.

Problems can arise if numbers get stored as text data. This can prevent them from being used in calculations.

Formulas: a formula is a mathematical equation such as adding or subtracting two numbers.

Formulas, which includes Excel's functions are usually considered to be Numbers but they are sometimes identified as a separate type of data.

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