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Entering Data in Excel


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Using AutoComplete to Enter Data
Entering Data in Excel

Entering Data in Excel

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Using AutoComplete to Enter Data

  • Excel’s AutoComplete feature is intended to simplify the task of data entry.

  • When entering labels down a column, if you begin typing text that has previously been entered, Excel will display a black box containing the previous entry in the cell you are entering data into.

  • If you want to reenter the same text, press the Enter key and Excel enters the text for you.

  • If you are entering a different word continue typing and the AutoComplete box will go away.

Limitations of AutoComplete are:

  • It only works for data being entered in columns - it will not work if you are entering text across a row.

  • It only works for columns of continuous data. As soon as an empty cell is left in a column, AutoComplete is interrupted.

Turning Off AutoComplete

If you do not want to use the AutoComplete feature:

  1. Click on Tools > Options in the menus to bring up the Options dialog box

  2. Click on the Edit tab

  3. Remove the checkmark from the Enable AutoComplete for cell values option box.

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