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Parts of the Microsoft Excel 2003 Screen


Excel 2003 Screen Parts
Common Parts of the Excel Screen

Common Parts of the Excel Screen

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Parts of the Microsoft Excel 2003 Screen

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Active Cell

In a worksheet, the cell with the black outline. Data is always entered into the active cell.

Formula Bar

Located above the worksheet, this area displays the contents of the active cell. It can also be used for entering or editing data and formulas.

Name Box

Located next to the formula bar, the Name Box displays the cell reference or the name of the active cell.

Column Letter

Columns run vertically on a worksheet and each one is identified by a letter in the column header.

Row Numbers

Rows run horizontally in a worksheet and are identified by a number in the row header.

Together a column letter and a row number create a cell reference. Each cell in the worksheet can be identified by this combination of letters and numbers such as A1, F456, or AA34.

Sheet Tab

Switching between worksheets in a Microsft Excel file is done by clicking on the sheet tab at the bottom of the screen.

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