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Excel 2007 Spreadsheet Print Options Part 2


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Adding to a Print Area
spreadsheet print options

spreadsheet print options

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Adding a Second Print Area

Excel allows only one Print Area per worksheet. To include cells in separate areas of a worksheet in a Print Area, use the Add to Print Area option.

Note: The drop down menu of the Print Area option is dynamic. This means that the options in the menu change depending on the location of the active cell in the current worksheet.

For example, if the active cell is within an existing Print Area, the Add to Print Area option is not available. You must click on a cell outside of an existing Print Area before the Add to Print Area option is available.

Steps to Adding a Second Print Area

Note: For help with these instructions see the image above.

  1. Drag select a second range of cells to be included in the existing Print Area.

  2. Click on the Page Layout tab of the ribbon.

  3. Click on the Print Area icon of the ribbon to open the Print Area drop down menu.

  4. Click on the Add to Print Area option to add the second range of cells to the existing Print Area.

  5. The cells of both ranges in the Print Area will be surrounded by dotted lines.

  6. If viewed in Print Preview the two ranges of data included in the Print Area will be displayed on separate pages. Use the Next Page button in Print Preview to see both parts of the Print Area.

Note: When clearing a Print Area, all cell ranges of the Print Area are included. It is not possible to remove selected ranges from the Print Area. You must clear the Print Area and then set a new one to change a Print Area.

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