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Print Gridlines and Headings in Excel

How to Print the Gridlines and Headings on Your Excel Worksheet


Print Gridlines and Headings in Excel 2007

Print Gridlines and Headings in Excel

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Printing gridlines and row and column headings often makes it easier to read data in your spreadsheet.

These features are not, however, automatically enabled in Excel. This article shows you how to enable both features in Excel 2007.

How to Print Gridlines and Headings in Excel

Note: For help with this example, see the image to the right.

  1. Open a worksheet that contains data or quickly add data to the first four or five columns and rows of a blank worksheet.

  2. Click on the Page Layout tab.

  3. Check the Print box under Gridlines on the ribbon in order to activate the feature.

  4. Check the Print box under Headings in order to activate this feature as well.

  5. Click on the print preview button on the Quick Access Toolbar in order to preview your worksheet before printing it.

  6. The gridlines appear as dotted lines outlining the cells containing data in print preview.

  7. The row numbers and column letters for those cells containing data will also be present along the top and left side of the worksheet in print preview.

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