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Free Microsoft Excel Tutorial Series

Excel Intermediate and Introductory Level Tutorials


Each tutorial in this free series covers either an introductory or intermediate level topic in Microsoft Excel. The tutorials include step by step examples related to each topic.

Entering Data in Excel Tutorial

  • The importance of planning your spreadsheet
  • How to enter data
  • Editing cells to change data
  • Widening columns

Basic Excel Formulas Tutorial

  • How to write basic formulas to perform mathematical calculations
  • Using Named Ranges in formulas
  • Using Cell References in formulas
  • Copying formulas
  • Using Excel functions

Excel Formatting Tutorial

  • Adding the date and a named range
  • Merge and Center titles
  • Shading alternate rows of data
  • Changing data alignment in cells
  • Number formatting
  • Changing column widths

Excel Column Chart Tutorial

This tutorial covers creating a column chart in Excel. This tutorial includes a step by step example of creating and formatting a column chart using common chart options.

Excel Pie Chart Tutorial

This tutorial covers creating a pie chart in Excel. This tutorial includes a step by step example of creating and formatting a pie chart using common chart options.

Excel Error Message Help

If you get an error message in Excel you might not get much help from the program in finding out the cause. The tutorials listed here cover the cause and cures for a number of common error messages in Excel, such as #REF!, #NULL!, and #####

Basic Excel 2007 Formula Tutorial

This tutorial covers how to create basic formulas in Excel 2007. Topics covered including entering data and using cell references and pointing to simplify the process.

Excel Print Options

Use the print options in Excel to print entire spreadsheets or just selected areas. This tutorial covers how the print options can be accessed through a number of locations including the print button on the standard toolbar and several options under the file menu.

Excel IF Function Step by Step Tutorial

New to the IF function? If so, than this tutorial is for you. Just like the title says, we build the IF function step by step - with explanations and examples included to help you out.

Excel Step by Step Database Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to create a database in Excel to keep track of valuable information such as phone numbers, DVD collections, or a contact list of your organization's members. Excel's built in tools make it easy to create tables and filter or sort them according to the criteria needed at the time.

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