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Excel 2003 Lessons

Creating Your First Spreadsheet


Excel lessons include how to perform basic math with a spreadsheet - such as addition or subtraction; using Excel Functions, how to format your spreadsheet; how to create a chart; and how to print a spreadsheet.

Excel Math

To get you started, here are four tutorials covering how to carry out basic math calculations with Excel. These tutorials, complete with examples, walk you through addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division calculations.

Excel IF Function Step by Step Tutorial

Just like the title says, we build the IF function step by step - with explanations and examples included to help you out.

Date Function in Excel

There are a number of date functions available in Excel. This article covers using the most common date functions used in Excel: =TODAY() and =NOW().

Excel's COUNT Function

Excel's COUNT function is a very useful function. What it does is count up the number of cells containing numbers in a selected range.

Excel's AVERAGE Function

Excel’s AVERAGE function is one of the Statistical Functions that are included with the program. The AVERAGE function can be used to find the average, or arithmetic mean, of values in a selected range of cells.

Basic Formatting in Excel - Tutorial Part I

Part 1 of this tutorial covers three areas of formatting available in Microsoft Excel:
  • number formatting - using percent, comma, date, and currency formatting
  • cell formatting
  • text formatting

How to Use the Excel Chart Wizard

The quickest and easiest way to create a graph, or a chart is to use the Excel Chart Wizard. This tutorial covers how to use the Excel Chart Wizard to create a column chart. This tutorial guides you through the most commonly used features of the Chart Wizard.

How to Use the Print Options in Excel

Use the print options in Excel to print entire spreadsheets or just selected areas. This tutorial covers where to find the different print options such as the print icon and the print preview option on the standard toolbar.

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