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Microsoft Excel Step by Step Database Tutorial


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Excel Database Overview
Excel Database Tutorial

Excel Database Tutorial

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Microsoft Excel Database Files

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At times, we need to keep track of information and a good place to this is in an Excel database file. Whether it is a personal list of phone numbers, a contact list for members of an organization or team, or a collection of coins, cards, or books, an Excel database file makes it easy to enter, store, and find specific information.

Microsoft Excel has built it tools to help you keep track of data and to find specific information when you want it. As well, with its hundreds of columns and thousands of rows, an Excel spreadsheet can hold an enormous amount of data.

The steps in this tutorial are:

  1. Entering the Data - How data is stored

  2. Entering Data Correctly - How to avoid common errors

  3. Rows are Records - Organizing your data

  4. Columns are Fields- Organizing your data (con't)

  5. Creating the Table - Create the database

  6. Using the Database Tools - Sorting and filtering data

  7. Expanding the Database - Adding new records

  8. Completing the Database Formatting - Formatting the title and cell color

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