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Excel Pivot Tables Step by Step Tutorial


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Creating the Pivot Table
Creating the Pivot Table

Creating the Pivot Table

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Creating the Pivot Table

  1. Drag select cells A2 to D12 to highlight them.

  2. Click on the Insert tab of the ribbon.

  3. Click on the down arrow at the bottom of Pivot Table button to open the drop down list.

  4. Click on Pivot Table in the list to open the Create Pivot Table dialog box.

  5. By pre-selecting the data range A2 to F12, the Table/Range line in the dialog box should be filled in for us.

  6. Choose Existing Worksheet for the location of the pivot table.

  7. Click on the Location line in the dialog box.

  8. Click on cell D16 in the worksheet to enter that cell reference into the location line.

  9. Click OK.

A blank pivot table should appear on the worksheet with the top left corner of the pivot table in cell D16.

The Pivot Table Field List panel should open on the right hand side of the Excel window.

At the top of the Pivot Table Field List panel are the field names ( column headings ) from our data table. The data areas at the bottom of the panel are linked to the pivot table.

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