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Excel Data Validation List from another Worksheet


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Using a List for Data Validation
Excel Data Validation List

Excel Data Validation List

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Selecting a Type of Data Validation

In addition to adding drop down lists to a worksheet, data validation in Excel can also be used to control or limit the type of data that can be entered into specific cells.

Some of the more commonly used options:

  • list
  • dates and/or times
  • whole numbers
  • text
  • formulas (set under the Custom option)

In this step we will choose the List option as the type of data validation to be used for cell E1 on sheet 1.

Tutorial Steps

  1. Click on Settings tab in the dialog box

  2. Click on the down arrow at the end of the Allow line to open the drop down menu

  3. Click on List to choose a drop down list for data validation in cell D1 and to activate the Source line in the dialog box

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