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Remove Duplicates in Excel Part 2


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Remove Data Records with Duplicate Fields
Remove Duplicates in Excel

Remove Duplicates in Excel

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Opening the Remove Duplicates Dialog Box

For help with this example see the image above.

  1. Click on any cell containing data in the sample database entered in the previous step.

  2. Click the Data tab on the Ribbon.

  3. Click on the Remove Duplicates icon.

  4. Clicking on the icon highlights all data in the database and opens the Remove Duplicates dialog box.

  5. When the dialog box opens, by default all of the column headings or field names from our data sample are selected.

  6. This means that Excel will remove only those records that have duplicate data in every field.

  7. Since we want to find and remove records that do not have a match in every field, we will remove the check mark from besides those column names that we do not want Excel to search.

  8. For this example click on the check box beside the Student ID column heading to remove the check mark.

  9. Excel will now only search and remove records that have matching data in the Last Name, Initial, and Program fields.

  10. Click OK

At this point the dialog box should close and be replaced by a message saying: 1 duplicate values found and removed; 4 unique values remain.

In addition, the record for H. Thompson with the Student ID of SA267-791 will have been removed from the database.

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