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Remove Duplicate Data Records in Excel Part 1


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Removing the Duplicate Data Record
Remove Duplicate Data Records in

Remove Duplicate Data Records in Excel

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The Remove Duplicates Dialog Box

For help with this example see the image above.

  1. The Remove Duplicates dialog box displays all the column headings or field names from our data sample

  2. The check marks next to the field names indicate which columns Excel will try to match in searching for duplicate records

  3. By default, when the dialog box opens all of the field names are checked off

  4. Since we are searching for completely identical records in this example we will leave all the column headings checked

  5. Click OK

At this point the following results should be seen:

  • The dialog box should close and be replaced by a message saying: 1 duplicate values found and removed; 4 unique values remain.
  • The row containing the duplicate H. Thompson record will have been removed from the database
  • The resulting data sample should contain only four records - those of Smith W., Thompson H., Jones B., and James J.

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