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Find Average Values with Excel's Subtotal Feature


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Excel SUBTOTAL Feature Overview
Find Averages with Excel's Subtotal Feature

Find Averages with Excel's Subtotal Feature

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Find Average Values with Excel 's Subtotal Feature

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Excel's Subtotal feature works by inserting the SUBTOTAL function into a database or a list of related data. Using the Subtotal feature makes finding and extracting specific information from a large table of data quick and easy.

Even though it is called the "Subtotal feature", you are not limited to finding the sum or total for selected rows of data. In addition to the total, you can also find average values for each column or field of data in your database.

This step by step tutorial includes an example of how to find average values for a specific column of data in a database.

The steps in this tutorial are:

  1. Enter the Tutorial Data

  2. Sorting the Data Sample

  3. Finding the Average Value

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