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Excel Macro Tutorial


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The Macro Recorder Options
The Macro Recorder Options

The Macro Recorder Options

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The Macro Recorder dialog box

There are 4 options to complete in this dialog box:

  1. Macro name - give your macro a descriptive name. The name must begin with a letter and spaces are not allowed. Only letters, numbers and the underscore character are permitted.

  2. Shortcut key - (optional) fill in a letter, number, or other character in the available space. This will allow you to run the macro by holding down the CTRL key and pressing the chosen letter on the keyboard.

  3. Store macro in
    • This workbook
      • The macro is available only in this file.
    • New workbook
      • This option opens a new Excel file. The macro is available only in this new file.
    • Personal macro workbook.
      • This option creates a hidden file Personal.xls which stores your macros and makes them available to you in all Excel files.
  4. Description - (optional) enter a description of the macro.

For this tutorial:

  1. Set the options in the Record Macro dialog box to match those in the image above.

  2. Do Not click OK - yet - see below.

    • Clicking the OK button in the Record Macro dialog box starts recording the macro you have just identified.

    • As previously mentioned, the macro recorder works by recording all keystrokes and clicks of the mouse.

    • Creating the format_titles macro involves clicking on a number of format options on the home tab of the ribbon with the mouse while the macro recorder is running.
  3. Go to the next step before starting the macro recorder.

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