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Use Excel Shortcut Keys to Save a Worksheet - Spreadsheets
Since using the Ctrl + S shortcut keys is such an easy way to save data it is a good idea to save frequently - at least every five minutes - to avoid loss of data in  ...
7 DOs and DON'Ts of Entering Data in Excel
Entering data DOs and DON'Ts covers the dangers of blank rows and columns, and why locking formulas, sorting, saving, and cell references are good in Excel.
Saving Word Form Data for Use in Excel
For some reason, Microsoft doesn't make it easy for users to extract their form data for use in Excel. While they should give you the option of simply saving the ...
5 Ways to Back Up Your Data and Keep It Safe
A NAS (network attached storage) is a server that's dedicated for saving data. It can operate either wired or wirelessly -- depending on the drive and your ...
Five Ways to Prevent Data Loss - Word Processing
Unfortunately, the most effective thing you can do to stop data loss is to ... While most word processors will save your files in the My Documents folder, this is the ...
Using iCloud for Data Storage - Expert Guide - Macs - About.com
In addition to using iCloud to sync data between your Mac and your mobile ... is that it will show up in any Open or Save dialog box's "Where" drop-down menu.
Tab Delimited Files (Saving Spreadsheet or Table Data)
Here's how to export a simple spreadsheet to a page layout application and tips on using tab delimited files.
How to Save Your Data When Tethering Your Android Tablet or Phone
Jul 8, 2014 ... How to conserve your mobile data when you connect your Wi-Fi-only Android tablet to a mobile hotspot or your phone.
Move Your Important Mac Data - Macs - About.com
Your Mac contains tons of personal data, from your saved emails to your calendar events. Backing up this data, whether just to have a backup on hand or to ...
Adding form data to a MySQL Database - PHP/MySQL - About.com
How to insert data from a form into a MySQL database using PHP.
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