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Google Spreadsheet Tutorials - Spreadsheets - About.com
Google Drive web apps includes is a free online spreadsheet program. The program offers such benefits as easy sharing of spreadsheet files, online storage,  ...
Google Spreadsheets IF Function - About.com
The IF function in Google Spreadsheet tests to see if a certain condition in a spreadsheet is true or false. This tutorial includes a step by step example.
Google Spreadsheet COUNT Function - Spreadsheets - About.com
The COUNT function in Google Spreadsheets is used to count up the cells in a selected range that contain numbers - the function ignores blank cells, text and ...
Using Google Spreadsheets Video
Google spreadsheets are an easy, free alternative to Microsoft Excel with almost the same functionality. Learn the ropes and discover the benefits of this free ...
Google Spreadsheets Basics - About.com
More on Google Spreadsheets, which is part of Google Drive.
Google Spreadsheets VLOOKUP Function - About.com
Jul 7, 2014 ... This tutorial uses the VLOOKUP function in Google Spreadsheets to find the discount pricing of an item based on amount purchased. A step by ...
Overview of Google Docs Spreadsheets
Overview of Google Docs Spreadsheets offer most of the common features available in their competitors' spreadsheet programs. They also offer online benefits ...
Order of Operations - Google Spreadsheet Order of Operations
If more than one operator is used in a Google Spreadsheet formula, there is a specific order that Google Spreadsheets will follow to perform these mathematical ...
Google Spreadsheets Date Functions
There are two basic groups of Date functions in Google Spreadsheets - functions that calculate the number of days, months, or years between two dates and ...
Google Spreadsheets COUNTIF Function Tutorial
The COUNTIF function in a Google Spreadsheets is used to count up the number of cells in a selected range that meet criteria that you specify. An example of ...
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