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How to Use the Excel Fill Handle Tutorials - Spreadsheets - About.com
Sep 3, 2010 ... The Fill Handle has many uses. It can be used to copy data, copy formulas, add pre-set list of data to a spreadsheets, and add a series of ...
Fill Handle - Definition of Excel Terms - Spreadsheets - About.com
If Excel recognizes the cell contents as part of a series it will Auto Fill other selected cells with the next items in the series. Use the fill handle by clicking on it with ...
Using the Fill Handle to Copy Formulas in Excel - Spreadsheets
A quick way of copying formulas in Excel is to use the Fill Handle. In addition to copying formulas and data, the fill handle will also copy formatting. This means ...
Add a Series of Numbers with the Excel Fill Handle - Spreadsheets
The fill handle can be used to add a series of numbers to a spreadsheet. This tutorial covers the steps to follow to use the fill handle in Excel.
Adding Custom Lists to Excel's Fill Handle - Spreadsheets - About.com
The Fill handle is a very handy feature in Excel. It allows you to quickly add commonly used data or copy existing data to other cells. You can customize the lists ...
Copy Data and Formulas with the Excel Fill Handle - Spreadsheets
The instructions below show you how to use the fill handle to copy data and formulas to other cells in an Excel 2007 worksheet.
How to Add Data With the Fill Handle in Excel - Spreadsheets
Sep 2, 2010 ... While you can add custom lists to use with the fill handle, Excel comes equipped with several lists already loaded in the program. These lists ...
Copying the Lookup Formula with the Fill Handle - Spreadsheets
Nov 24, 2012 ... This step in the tutorial covers entering the range lookup argument for the lookup formula in Excel.
Copying Formulas with the Fill Handle in Excel - Spreadsheets
This step in the tutorial covers copying formulas with the Fill Handle in Excel.
How to Fill Down in Excel With the Fill Handle - Spreadsheets
May 23, 2011 ... Every one knows that the Fill Handle can be used to copy formulas in Excel, but did you know that it can be done with a double click of the ...
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