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Entering Data in Excel - Types of Data - Spreadsheets - About.com
This step in the tutorial covers the types of data most frequently used in Excel. Page 6.
Excel TYPE Function Tutorial - Spreadsheets - About.com
Excel's TYPE function gives you information about the type of data located in a cell. This tutorial shows you how to use this function in an Excel spreadsheet.
Data Definition in Excel - Spreadsheets - About.com
Data is information that is stored in any spreadsheet program such as Excel. ... The two types of data most commonly used in spreadsheet programs are text and  ...
Accessing and managing MS Excel sheets with Delphi (Page 4/7)
After we have finished the discussion on connecting to an Excel workbook, retrieving sheet data, it's time for a quick look into Excel data types (as provided by ...
Prevent Invalid Data Entry in Excel - Tutorial
Nov 11, 2011 ... This tutorial covers the second option of restricting the type and range of data that can be entered into a cell in an Excel worksheet.
Convert Text to Numbers in Excel - Spreadsheets - About.com
Sometimes when you import data into Excel from another program or from the Internet, Excel mixes up its data types and sees numerical data as text data.
Entering Data in Excel - A Tutorial - Spreadsheets - About.com
Learn how to enter data into an Excel spreadsheet. Topics covered include planning the spreadsheet, cells and cell references, data types, widening columns ...
Combine Chart Types in Excel - Spreadsheets - About.com
Nov 24, 2013 ... Combine two or more chart or graph types in Excel in order to display ... The two sets of data still share a common X or horizontal axis at the ...
Entering Data in Excel - Editing Cells - Spreadsheets - About.com
Two methods of editing the contents of a cell to change the data are shown in this tutorial. Page 8.
Entering Data in Excel - Moving Around a Spreadsheet - Spreadsheets
... to quickly move around an Excel spreadsheet using shortcut keys on the keyboard. ... Ctrl + End keys: moves the active cell highlight to the last cell of the spreadsheet containing data. .... What Kind of Financial Advisor Should You Choose?
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