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Spreadsheet Borders and Shading
Spreadsheet Borders and Shading
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Adding formatting to a spreadsheet is done to make it easier to read and understand the important information it contains. Two formatting options available in Excel to help do this are borders and shading. Both options are used mainly to focus attention on specific data in the spreadsheet.

Borders can be used add an outline to a cell or range of cells. They are often used to emphasis cells containing formulas or functions. Shading alters the background color of selected cells. It is often added to title and total rows or to highlight alternate rows of data in a spreadsheet.

To find out how to accomplish this last task watch the video on how to - Create Borders and Shading in Excel.

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January 16, 2009 at 6:17 pm
(1) Will Bee says:

How about the shading that occurs when creating subtotals? I am pretty sure it is not my fault (!) because the book I am using has the same shading in its pictures of the subtotals range that I created, but it does not explain why some lines are shaded and others are not. It is not the subtotal lines, nor the lines before or after those lines. It appears to be completely random, but mine are the same as the picture in the book.
Any ideas?? Thank you

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